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LHP Group of Companies (Pvt) Limited stands tall as one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted and respected construction and manufacturing company with 30 years of excellence. We are the pioneer manufacturer of RCC constructional products, solar water heaters, EPS foam products, prefabricated buildings, lead battery regeneration and in fabric sector. Whether your project is industrial, agricultural or domestic, we work together with the client while providing close consultation and technical advice to determine the total scope, budget, and material requirements. We place a great emphasis on maintaining a first-class experience from initial inquiry through to the delivery of goods or services.


Buffalo Solar has been manufacturing and installing Solar Water Heaters since 2009. Since then we have installed more than 50,000 units across Sri Lanka, helping both homeowners and businesses harness the sun’s free energy, reducing their costs and carbon footprint in the process.

Buffalo Solar Water Heaters

Buffalo Building Solutions manufactures and constructs prefabricated buildings from fire resistant and thermally insulated EPS Sandwich wall panels and roof panels according to your personal or professional needs.

Buffalo Building Solutions

LHP Eco-Center is regenerating any kind and any size of lead-acid batteries, including SLI, deep cycle and back-up batteries.

Eco Center

Since 2013, Best Textiles (Pvt) Ltd offers a wide range of high-quality fabrics imported from Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and India. Best Textiles (Pvt) Ltd provides a variety of types, lengths, textures, and designs, suited for numerous needs of the fashion world.

Best Textiles

Lanka Foam imports high-quality polystyrene and expands it at its factory premises to form the best Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) blocks.

Lanka Foam

Lankan Hume Pipes Company (Pvt) Limited, is the leading manufacturer of RCC (Reinforced Concrete Cement) Hume Pipes in Sri Lanka for about 30 years. Possessing Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) Quality Assurance certification since 2003 makes us the only SLS 452 Quality Assurance holder up to date among 20 manufacturers in the industry.

Lankan Hume Pipes

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