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Buffalo Solar Water Heaters are the first manufacturer of Vacuumed tube solar water heaters in Sri Lanka using proven Australian technology. With the largest solar water heater production facility in Sri Lanka, LHP has manufactured over 50,000 units of solar water heaters within a short period of time to cater to the local and foreign energy markets.

They are made of high quality water-grade stainless steel and include Borosilicate Vacuum tubes with 12-monolayer deposition of Cu/SS-ALN (L) ALN which features excellent solar radiation, absorption coefficient, low heat cost, and minimal reflection properties.

Buffalo Solar Water Heaters take the water to near boiling temperatures even in cloudy weather conditions and preserve the heat up to three days (72 hours).

Buffalo Solar Water Heaters are made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel; strictly no copper is used during the manufacturing process. As a result, the water is suitable for drinking and cooking purposes.

Buffalo Solar Water Heaters can provide unique features according to your requirements.

Successfull Projects by Buffalo Solar Water Heaters


Sanhida Elders Home

300L Non-pressurized solar water heater system.
Stainless Steel inner tank & outer tank
Drinkable water


Bandaragama fixing

100 l pressurized Buffalo Solar water heater System


Piliyandala fixing

100l pressurized unit
stainless steel tank
food grade


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