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Lankan Hume Pipes Company (Pvt) Limited has developed and designed Buffalo Septic Tanks to suit the Sri Lankan weather conditions and the areas where public sewer systems are not available. This is a low cost application, comfortable and environmental friendly sewer processing chamber.

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Buffalo Septic Tanks perform 2 functions. Firstly it acts as a holding tank and allows the solid to settle out. The heavier solid sink to the bottom forming the sludge layer. Lighter solids, fats and grease rise to the surface and form a scum layer. Secondly, naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria breaks down the solids in size and destroys the pathogens.

Advantages of using Buffalo Septic Tanks

  • Tanks are 100% water tight: SLS 452 approved quality spun type cylindrical pipes are used
  • Not subjected to corrosion, cracking or bulking
  • Suitable for marshy or sandy oil
  • Required very limited land space
  • Resistant to tree roots 
  • Easy to relocate
  • Reinforced with very high strength steel
  • No maintenance needed until it is filled
  • Ground water tables safe
  • Environmental friendly
  • Waste water can be used for vegetarian flower gardens
  • Different sizes available to match your requirements
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Easy and quick installation: tanks can be set-up within 4-5 hours with 2 unskilled people
  • All internal accessories free of charge

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