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Hume Pipes

Lankan Hume Pipes Company (Pvt) offers RCC Hume Pipes in a number of various diameters, thicknesses and lengths to meet your specific requirements. Concrete pipe is made by a process in which centrifugal force is used to spread a wet concrete mixture over the inner surface of a horizontal mold. The use of high quality raw materials and automated machines provide the best quality Hume Pipes.

  • Descripton
  • Best quality, using SLS 452
  • Not subjected to corrosion, cracking or bulking
  • Suitable to any soil environment
  • Resistant to tree roots¬†
  • Durable and strong:¬†reinforced with very high strength steel
  • Ground water tables safe
  • Environmental friendly
  • Different sizes available to match your requirements
  • 10 year guarantee

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